VB Airsuspension

Customer Reference - Roadtrek RV owner

Placed on 07/17/2015

Our VB-FullAir air suspension system for the Sprinter (2500 & 3500) are often used in the RV industry. A customer question we often receive is “What level of comfort improvement do I get?”

As comfort is a very subjective thing, this question is hard to answer and specially the product manufacturer can try to explain this but would it be better that our customers can explain what their experience is?

I am very happy to share a customer review from a Family out of Minnesota. This Family chose to retrofit their Sprinter RV with our VB-FullAir air suspension. The retrofit was performed by our dealer Stonebrooke Equipment in Burnsville, MN.

Read below what their experience is in a way written down only real RV owners can:

“ Hello All-
Just wanted to give an update.
A "comfortable" ride is a very subjective thing.  Some folks might swear by a soft old school "Cadillac" boat.  Others might prefer an Italian sports car.
One thing is for sure- No one could have liked the way my Sprinter used to ride when sitting in the back.  The original ride was loose and terribly bumpy. 

It was so bad it was nearly impossible to ride without your seat belt on.
We just completed out first outing (200 miles) with the new VB air suspension.  UNBELIEVABLE!   Simply night and day.

The kids were actually able to do their homework, use their laptops, and even take a nap.  I was able to sit in the back without a seat belt attached (for only a short test!) with no fear of being hurled through the roof.  

Even just watching in my rear-view mirror, I could see that when we hit a bump, the rear end would go up in a controlled manner, smoothly come back down, and then that was pretty much it.  No continued bouncing.  No catapult.  As you can imagine, this also helps with the ride up front.

The new system also works great in wind and when passing trucks.  Similar to the stiff sway bar I had added, but without as much rocking when going at an angle over a speed bump or the like.


If you need more proof of the VB system, I give you a quote from my 10 year old daughter.  When we arrived up North, she said to me, "Dad, this is the first time that my bottom doesn't hurt after riding in the RV."
Thank you!

If you want to enjoy the same level of comfort this customer is experiencing today in their Sprinter RV, you may contact one of our dealers to inform which product is available for your vehicle.

Victor Benno