VB Airsuspension

VB-FullAir 4C for the new Mercedes-Benz Vito

Placed on 01/27/2017

VB-Airsuspension North America recently introduced their first prototype of the 4-Corner Air Ride suspension system for the new Mercedes-Benz Metris. The first vehicle is now upfitted and starts its first trial through the Midwest of the US.

After the succesfull completion of these tests, we expect to introduce the system mid-2017 to the market. 


The VB-FullAir 4C system can be used for various applications. The system should fit under a commercial vehicle, be it a standard taxi or a vehicle converted into a luxury minibus. The air suspension ensures that passengers enjoy a comfortable journey from A to B. The system also works well under a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Many wheelchair users find it difficult to cope with vibrations and impacts that occur when the vehicle is driven over a speed bump, for example.

The air suspension reduces these vibrations and impacts to a minimum, guaranteeing a comfortable journey for wheelchair users. A further advantage is that the vehicle can be lowered to make getting in and out easier.

Victor Benno