VB Airsuspension

Customer Reference – Coachmen RV Owner Josiah

Placed on 05/03/2017

Our VB-FullAir air ride system for the Sprinter (2500 & 3500) are becoming a well known option for RV owners to install on their own RV. A question we often get  is “What level of comfort improvement do I get?”

As comfort is a very subjective thing, this question is hard to answer and specially the product manufacturer can try to explain this but would it not be better that our customers can explain what their experience is?

Check below a customer review from Josiah out of Texas. He chose to retrofit his Coachmen Galleria  with our VB-FullAir air suspension. The retrofit was performed by our dealer The Utility Bodywerks out of Elkhart, IN.

Read below what his experience is:

“ the ride after the installation of the VB Air Suspension made huge improvements!  I'll say it improves at least 80% in cross-wind stability while I was driving along Lake Michigan!  I didn't have to constantly fighting with the steering wheel like I did on my way up!!  In addition, the ride is now real smooth at the back. 







Before the new suspension system, my wife could not sit still at the back.  Right now she can enjoy her cup of coffee and able to work on her laptop while I'm driving.... that tells you the big differences :-)  “


If you want to enjoy the same level of comfort this customer is experiencing today in their Sprinter RV, you may contact one of our dealers to inform which product is available for your vehicle.

Victor Benno