VB Airsuspension

Bus & coach

Bus & coach

Optimal comfort for the transport of 1 to 30 people 

Travelling by bus can be comfortable again.

Whether you have 1 or 30 passengers on board, everyone would like to be transported safely and comfortably from A to B. By default, many mini-and mid-size buses are equipped with steel suspension. This spring cannot deal well with the large difference in loading (an empty bus has a large weight weight difference, compared to a full bus) and therefore, depending on the load, becomes “ too stiff”, or just “ too soft". The adaptive nature of air-suspension makes it possible to maintain maximum comfort, whatever the load.

We have numerous partners that speicalize in making these luxury coaches. The units that are produced are nothing short of spectacular making you feel like royalty everytime you step in. 

Thanks to the kneeling option, access is to the bus is even easier.

The VB-Airsuspension kneeling option allows the vehicle to lower during entry and exit for easier access. This makes it possible for all passengers to independently enter the vehicle. At bus stations and platforms it is even possible to adjust the step height to the height of the curb.

Victor Benno