VB Airsuspension

Recreational Vehicles


As an RV owner, you probably know the feeling of intense crosswinds while driving down the highway. While overtaking lorries or buses, your RV can feel unstable. At high speed, it can be dangerous for both your RV and in turn for the safety of the passengers. With the installation of an air suspension, your RV becomes more stable on the road and less sensitive to crosswinds.

Optimal handling

RV's often have a high center of gravity. This results in an increase in lean/roll when cornering and can make both you and your passengers feel unsafe and uncomfortable. VB-Airsuspension offers an appropriate solution to this problem; our air suspension products ensure that your RV is more stable and therefore leans/rolls less when cornering.

Constant height

The weight of an RV is usually not  distributed evenly over the entire length of the vehicle. Equipment and accessories, such as a bicycle or scooter rack, are often stored within the overhang at the rear. The uneven distribution of weight will ensure that the original suspension of your motorhome will "sag". This can lead to reduced comfort, handling and steering problems, but can also mean that the springs and shock absorbers have to be replaced earlier.




Victor Benno